Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Small Town Charm Meets Decorating

I found this great book in a small bookstore during my latest travels. Hissy Fit by Mary Kay Andrews is a book that would be well appreciate amongst interior designers. The lead character, Keeley Murdock, is an interior decorator and is one snappy chick! Andrews takes you on Keeley's adventures and drops a lot of design/antique lingo, which is fun. So if you love a good read with a little mystery, a little sass and a whole lotta Southern charm this is the book for ya'll.
'The night before her wedding, in the middle of an oh-so-smart rehearsal dinner, interior decorator Keeley Murdock chances upon her fiancé and her maid of honor "doing the deed." Keeley pitches the hissy fit of the century, storms out and earns herself instant notoriety in her tiny hometown of Madison, GA.'


Decorating With A Budget

Sometimes finding the perfect artwork for a room can become quite a task, not to mention pricey. So why not design your own? Using scrapbook paper that coordinates with your decor, adds some flair to your favorite pictures with just a little double sided tape and viola! How easy right?

Stop! In The Name Of Decorating

So, I found a list of decorating faux pas that I'd like to share as well as decorating cliches we just can't get enough of! After each so called faux pas, I give my opinion, but at the end of the day it's your call on what to take or leave from this list, it's just all good to know right?

Too many throw pillows on a bed.
-I feel it depends of the style of the home, if your style is clean and simplistic then any more than 5 decorative pillows on a bed is probably not the best route to go.

A TV above the mantel.
-In some homes, the mantel is the only place to place a television. However, if you can avoid this, you should.

Art hung too high.
-Art for the most part should always be hung at eye level.

Curtain hardware hung too low.
-The higher the ceiling, the higher the hardware should go. But make sure your draperies at least brush the ground. Drapery panels should never be more than 3/4" off the floor.

A sofa placed on a diagonal.
-It depends on the space you are dealing with. Sometimes furniture placed on the diagonal can tend to chop up a room.

Pairs of everything—too stiff and contrived.
-This is what I call the "matchy-matchy syndrome". It's always good to be diverse in decorating and it's important not to feel as if everything has to have a matching mate.

Rugs so white, they require shoe removal.
-Okay, this is just annoying people. Unless you're last name is Trump, I suggest you 86 anything on the floor than can dirty easily.

Uncomfortable antique sofas
-Once again, unless you're expecting a visit from The Antiquaries Society, your furniture should be welcoming as well as comfortable. There is nothing worse than going into someone's home as a guest and feeling if you make one wrong move somethings gonna break.

Overdone curtains.
-Window dressing should be functional first, then stylish.

Overly styled bookcases.
-It's called a BOOKcase for a reason. Having more decor than books, probably not a good idea.

Absurd quantities of flowers.
-K.I.S.S.=Keep it simple stupid. Okay, sorry that's a little harsh. But when it comes to flowers, a little goes a long way. Especially fake flowers. Don't get me started on those things.

Scented-candle overload!
-One is plenty folks. If you insist on having more than 1 of these headache causing accessories, make sure it is the same scent. No one wants to smell peppermint delight in a rose garden, okay?

Karate Copped Pillows
-There isn't anything better than giving pillows a good chop every now and then. Some designers feel it's over done, I'm still not over it yet. So therefore in my opinion, chop away!

Styling with branches of coral.
-A couple here and there never hurt anyone, right? But feeling like you just swam into the The Great Barrier Reef, now that's a different story. K.I.S.S.

Bathroom Toilet Rugs
-How do I put this nicely?...Ew! Never stand barefoot on someone's toilet rug, okay? It's obviously there for a reason.

Christmas in July
-You know that one vase you like to use all year around with the etched holly and mistletoe? Ya, well, D.N.E. (Do Not Exceed) past January people.

Color Me A Perfect Room!

Color is one of the most, if not thee most, important element in design. Color should not only create a mood, but it should reflect the person who is utilizing the space. As a designer, you would not want to use a warm muted pallet full of browns, tans and beiges for an artsy free spirt would you? No, you would use more vibrant colors, such as reds, pinks, yellows etc. Each color signifies a different feeling and color psychology should always be considered.

Grey=Can represent elegance in an interior if it is used properly and sparingly. Grey overload could make one feel sad and depressed. But accents of grey can make a space feel formal.

White=Purity, cleanliness, and simplicity. However, too much white can make people feel uncomfortable and we all know white isn't the best color to use in a home with little ones.

Black=Timeless, power and unity. Too much black could start to make one feel sad and depressed.

Red=Great color to promote energy, passion and hunger. Red is a popular color to use in restaurants and if you notice, movie theaters. Ever wonder why you suddenly crave pop-corn and M&Ms? Blame it on the red curtains. Red is not always a good color to use in a bedroom though. A bedroom is supposed to be a relaxing place, red is not considered a restful color.

Blue=The most popularly used color. Blue promotes tranquility, harmony and unity. Too much blue however, can make one start to literally feel blue. So, blue walls on top of blue carpet and blue furniture will equal one sad homeowner.

Green=Nature, calming, harmony and balance. Unlike red, green is good for bedrooms, because it is calming and relaxing.

Yellow= A good summertime color, yellow represents happiness, intelligence and sociability. Yellow is good for a child's room.

Purple=Creativity, royalty, and romance. Yet, too much purple could start to make people confused. Great for creative work spaces.

Orange= Similar to red, orange reflects energy, enthusiasm and playfulness. Orange would be good in a child's playroom.

Brown= Richness, nature, tradition and boldness. Brown is a great color for the home, but should be partnered up with something light and airy such as blue or pink.

Pink= A mostly spring time color, pink symbolizes femininity, health, love and joy. Perfect for a girly nursery or perfect to use when you want to make a feminine statement.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Simply Decorating-A New Way To Design

Making your decorating life simple is our main goal. Most people prefer to have a beautifully decorated room without the hassle, who wouldn’t? That is why Simply Decorating specializes in making that possible. With our cutting edge creativity and good eye for design you can have the room you’ve always dreamed of and it’s all done online! Never pay for hidden designer fees, with Simply Decorating you know exactly what you’re paying for.

While choosing the service that suites you best, we understand everyones needs are different. We know about that fireplace mantle that just never looks right, or that corner in the room that’s just “blah”. If this describes you, we will be happy to work out a special price just for that. Send us an e-mail at SimplyDecorating@ymail.com with your decorating dilemma and we can go from there. For those of you who need what we like to call “The Works”, you can purchase that directly on our website.

Depending on what package is purchased, design time can vary from 1-3 weeks. After the pictures, measuring guide and questionnaire are sent to the decorator, we will be able to determine a more accurate completion date for your project. Nevertheless, quality, promptness and customer satisfaction is our main priority.

Step #1: Select the service that suites you best & click the purchase button! Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Not
a problem, send us an e-mail and we’d be happy to work with your situation.

Step #2: After purchasing your package, you will be sent 3 things via e-mail if applicable:
Guide to Taking Pictures
Measuring Guide

Step #3: After everything is received, that’s where the magic begins! We start working on your project immediately and sooner than you think, voila!, a perfectly planned and decorated room is ready for you!

Why not have the room you want and deserve? Contact us today! SimplyDecorating@
ymail.com or visit us at SimplyDecoratingOnline.com.

Simply Decorating was founded in order to help people with all of their decorating needs via the internet regardless of their budget or location. Our e-decorating services can help you achieve that perfect room you’ve always dreamed about without the hassle or high designer fees. So let’s get started!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Alaska, Here I Come!

Next month I just found out I will be at one with the great state of Alaska! Buuuurrr, I'm shivering already. From helicopter rides surrounding glaciers to whale watching, it should be a great time! Living in Southern California, it's a big change to what I'm used to. When I'll be visiting Alaska there will only be 4 hours of sunlight...only 4! I don't know how I'm gonna catch any Zzzz! Anybody been to Alaska? I could use a few pointers...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pretty In Pink

(Unfortunately, my favorite magazine, Domino has gone out of business, therefore the pictures I found there are no longer available. What's next Vogue? Geez.)
When it comes to decorating, pink isn't always the most popular color choice. But these 3 rooms show how pink can work and I just love them! Check them out!

"Using various shades of one hue  is an easy way to ensure unity while also offering enough interest to keep a room from looking contrived or monochromatic."-DominoMag.com

"Bands of a darker complementary tone around windows, ceiling and floor introduce a warmer shade while also faking a bit of architectural detail. Here, the accent shade is repeated throughout the décor—on furniture and in the paisley pattern, which ties the space together."-DominoMag.com

Monday, March 23, 2009

Old Hollywood

Geez! These weekends go by way to fast. I was featured in my first Etsy treasury this past week, that was nice. Unfortunately it already expired so I don't have a picture to share. Oh well, it was a pretty treasury though! I finally learned how to do one, everyone seemed to be giving me complicated explanations then someone just said it so simply that now I get it.

Anyway, I totally love old Hollywood, especially anything that has to do with Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly. They're so classic! I bought these two cards before Christmas to go along with gifts for two of my friends, but I ended up liking them so much I kept them for myself...ya well....The seller is super nice and has some really unique vintage looking designs.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Peacock Feathers Galore!

I can't help it, I'm addicted to PeAcOcK feathers. 
They are so fun and trendy right now! 

Speaking of trends...which trends do you wish were still popular and which ones not so much? I'd have to say for me I couldn't stand the t-shirt trend with the stupid sayings on them like "as if" or "whatever". That was so annoying to me, lol. Whats yours?!?!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Featured Blogger: CAPow!

Hi everyone! For my second featured blogger I have chosen CAPow aka Crystal. She has a great blog as well as great inventory in her Etsy shop. Everything from clutches to some great graphic prints. Here is an interview with Crystal and make sure you show her blog and shop some love!

A Little About Yourself?:
My name is Crystal A Powell, currently I'm based out of Albany NY, but have spent several years living in both Boston MA, and Brooklyn NY. I helped start a very active local etsy team called Capital Region Etsy Whizzes (or CREW).

Other than creating things for Etsy, what do you do?
I have both a full time office job, and I work in the grooming salon at a local pet store part time. When I'm not working at either job, I am constantly working on creative things. Sometimes I feel like a crafting shark: if I don't keep constantly working on something creative, I will die. And on the rare occasion that I'm not working on things, I'm either at the gym or on the couch cuddling with my 2 cats, Styles and Miyagi.

What first made you want to become an artist?
My mother. She grew up on a farm and learned to sew, knit, crochet, & embroider from my grandmother. She's made things her entire life, in addition to all of those things she's also a painter. So that's probably where I get my varied interests from. When I was in elementary school, she taught me how to crochet and sew, and I would make things while watching TV with my siblings. She also enrolled me in 4-H, where I learned even more creative skills. When I reached high school, I asked her to teach me how to knit, but it never caught my attention.

Describe your creative process and the materials you use:
That despends on what I'm making, let me break it down into 3 major catagories.
When I sew, I basically have a few patterns memorized that I use to make wallets. I almost exclusively use cotton fabrics, and fusable interfacing is my best friend.
When I paint, I usually draw out my painting on the canvas first, then paint in strictly acrylics.
When I photograph, I have previously been using either kodak or sony point and shoot digital cameras, every once in a while shooting 35mm black and white film with my vintage SLR. But thanks to a great night at the casino a few weeks ago, I recently bought my first Canon manual control digital SLR, and I am SUPER psyched to start shooting with that!

What handmade possession to you prize the most?
When I was ver young, so young I can't even remember how old I was, I really liked Curious George, so my mom found a pattern, and crocheted me a monkey doll. I still have it to this day, and I love it.

Top 5 websites you visit besides Etsy?

Any advice you have for new Etsy users:
I think you should stick to making things that YOU love, not things that are trendy. If you stay true to the things that you love to make, there will be people out there who have similar taste, and it might take a little work, but they will find you eventually.
Other than that, post in forums, keep a blog, get social with your fellow etsy users, they will always be your best customers, and your biggest supporters!

What are your favorite features of Etsy, and what new features would you like to see?
I think the treasury is a genius idea, but what I would really like is a better notification system. It would be nice to automatically get an email if your item is in a treasury, or featured on the front page, or in the realted items in a storque article.

How do you promote your shop/work?
I have a blog (http://capow1981.blogspot.com), I twitter (http://twitter.com/capowcapow), I post images on flickr (http://www.flickr.com/crystalcakes), I post in etsy forums, I post on craftster.org. I also promote through being a member of a few etsy teams. I also have items in locally owned small businesses and galleries.

In ten years, where would you like to be?
I would like to be making a living solely off my art, whether that be through galleries and etsy, and a freelancer, or working as a designer for a company. As long as I am able to spend my days being creative, that is what will keep me happy.

Wanna Be Featured Like CAPow!? Shoot me a convo on Etsy!

Happy St. Pattys Day Everyone!

Hello! Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. I thought it was only appropriate to post some of my favorite items on Etsy, that show love for the green! Check them out!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, Monday...

Don't the weekends go by so fast? I can't handle it. Who invented the weekend? And why didn't they give us an extra day? Well, on that note, I hope everyone had a good one! 

I've been browsing on Etsy this evening and I can't get over how creative people are. So many ideas, I find myself having crafter A.D.D. (Crafter Attention Deficit Disorder). I'll be all about one craft one day and then jumping to the next best thing the week after. Don't get me wrong, I'm lovin' my headbands, but I'm always inspired by something else. Anyone feel the same way?

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Listings!

I thought I would share these new listing. I had a slow day yesterday, so I thought why not get some stuff done, right? I just sold a PeAcOcK headband today (very exciting)! This new peacock piece is a clip, The Butterfly one is a clip as well, and the Pink one I made with possibly a little girl in mind. Maybe for that special Easter dress? Let me know what you think! Everyone have a great weekend! Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Todays Featured Blogger: Trendy Cards

For some reason, my featured blogger post isn't showing as the most recent post. Scroll down after my Frisco post and show my featured blogger Trendy Cards some love!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What a Trip!

Well as I blogged about before I made a weekend trip to the great city of San Francisco with my mom, sister & best friend. I hadn't been since I was younger and to go back was such a great treat. I felt like such the tourist from trolly rides to taking pictures of everything possible. As I like to say, you can never have enough pictures right? We visited Alamo Square, which is the home to the beautiful and famous "Painted Ladies", you know those houses you see in any picture describing San Francisco? We visted Fisherman's Wharf, and took a ferry ride into Salsalito, a small town along the bay with some cute shops. I'm all about the shopping. However, after a long day of shopping it was time to go out and have a good time. One too many drinks kind of good time. After taking over the stage at a local karaoke bar and singing everything from I Love Rock & Roll to Sweet Caroline I was exhausted. (The videos are too embarrassing to post...lol) But, its times like those you'll always remember.

Todays Featured Blogger: Trendy Cards

I asked Trendy Cards if she would be interested in being a featured blogger because her cards are too cute! With reasonable prices and a great selection, her blog and cards are Simply Fabulous! Be sure to read her interview below and be sure to check out her shop on Etsy, as well as her blog! Congrats Trendy!

How did you get started making cards?:

I'm a graphic designer and I used to work for a Greeting Card company here in town, and when I stopped working there, I decided to start creating cards by myself and try to sell them online, that's when in 2006 I decided to open an eBay store & Trendy Cards was born, specializing in personalized note cards, invitations & labels. On June last year I discovered Etsy, and thought that it was a better match for me than eBay, but didn't have the time to create a shop there until January this year, so I'm fairly new at Etsy still. I'm currently keeping both shops but I'm putting all of my effort & energy on my Etsy shop right now.

Check It Out Here!

Check It Out Here!

Your favorite cards to make are?:

I love making cards (any), but maybe my favorites to create are the ones that have patterns, I love creating new patterns. I've always loved Stationery (I collected them when I was little, cards, envelopes, stickers, etc) so for me it's a lot of fun creating them now.

How long does it take you to make a card?:

The designing process takes time, I do different tryouts, and several printouts, to pick a final design. Sometimes I can create just one in one day, and other times I could do 5, it all depends on the designs. And from the moment somebody orders to the moment it ships out, it usually takes 2 to 3 business days: first I have to create the proof and email it, then, revisions (if any), printing, trimming, folding & finally packaging.

Check It Out Here!

Check It Out Here!

If you weren't making cards, what else would you be interested in making?:

Maybe handbags & diaper bags that look like cards, matching different patterns together, or cool hair accessories, using the same concept, I've always liked that too.

Want to be featured like Trendy Cards? Post a comment or convo me at Etsy for details!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kreative Blog Award

Well how nice is this!
Thank you Jacaranda Designs!
So now I must:
List 7 things you love and then pass the award on to 7 people..tagging them and letting them know they won!
You can copy the picture of the award and put it on your sideboard letting the whole wide world know you are KReATIV!
(7 is my favorite number, so this is perfect!)

1.) I love being with my family
2.) Having a good time with my friends
3.) Weekend get a ways somewhere fun
4.) My dog Bing and all animals of coarse!
5.) I love being crafty and bouncing around Etsy
6.) Singing in the car
7.) I love my boyfriend
8.) I love country music and country concerts!
9.) Going to the beach
10.) Watching old movies too!

Now for the seven people I have chosen:

Trendy Cards

Dragonfly Key

She's Batty Designs

The Silver Dog

We Blog Artists

My Lily Den


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's Playing On Your iPod?

I wish I could say the reason I have had a leave of absence from blogging was something intriguing such as I have been traveling the world in search of new medicines or helping the homeless go from home-less to home-owners. But I can't. The truth is, I was on a 4 month African safari, got stranded and saved myself and 24 others. Ya, well, thats a lie too. The only thing that matters is I'm back right? So what have I really been up to you ask? Well, still working the same dead end job, being addicted to Red Bulls and Starbucks (Grande, Ice, Carmel Macchiato, Upside Down With Soy Please!) and getting excited for a weekend trip to San Francisco. Finally, a weekend to get away and just be. In preparation for this trip to San Fran I have accumulated a playlist to keep my mind occupied for the plane flight. The playlist includes:

You Make My Dreams Come True-Hall & Oates
-Just an all around feel good song, makes you wanna bob that head and dance like a dork for some reason.

Benny & The Jets-Elton John
-Oh Elton, what do your lyrics mean my friend? Who is Benny and who are the Jets? Benny sounds like a great guy.

Sweet Thing-Keith Urban
"The moon is high and the night is young come and meet me in the backyard under the cottonwood tree..."

Is This Love-Bob Marley
Mr. Reggae himself.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered-Stevie Wonder
Gotta have Stevie on the playlist and this ones a classic.

Here Comes The Sun-The Beatles
Another feel good song, because thats what this trip is gonna be all about, just feelin' good!

I find that my iPod is a melting pot of all genres and eras. So now I ask, what's on your iPod?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What Were They Thinking?

"She Did It With Her Mind"

"Missing Something?..."

"Nah, Really?"

"Thanks...You Shouldn't Have..."

"Ladies And Gentlemen, The President Of The United States"

"Phew, Good Thing You Told Me"

"Woah, Woah, Woah, Hold On, I Forgot Step #312"

"Damn, Then Where Can I Get Some Water Around Here..."

"Thanks Gary, Back To You In The Studio"

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Line Partners

When it comes to going to theme parks, everyone should expect to stay in line for more than half their visit. Therefore, it is very important to pick a good line partner. A line partner is the stranger who you are going to be stuck in line with for the duration of your wait. So its important to pick and choose who you can tolerate and who you should let pass. I bring to you the 5 L's:

The Loud 1st Timer-This person is loud, they don't seem to get out much. They are laughing way too hard with their friends and don't seem to care who they are annoying. Step away, this person will only cause frustration and could potentially ruin the ride.

The Love Birds-Unless you want to go bird watching, let the love birds fly ahead of you. They can't seem to get enough of each other and unless you brought your barf bag, step away.

The Lady With 5 Kids-Enough said...

The Line Brusher-This person is tricky to spot out. This is the person who brushes right up against you in line and it doesn't seem to bother them. If you happen to find yourself with a line brusher as a line partner, simply give them one hard "noodge" and if that doesn't do the trick, play the sick card. The sick card is violently coughing and throwing in a few head twitches.

The Lookie Lou-If you see someone entering the line, taking there time, camera around neck, speed up and get in front of this person. This person is known to leave gaps in the line, which will cause serious annoyance.

I hope this guide will help you the next time you find yourself in any line. Remember The 5 L's on your next trip and your experience should be a breeze!