Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stop! In The Name Of Decorating

So, I found a list of decorating faux pas that I'd like to share as well as decorating cliches we just can't get enough of! After each so called faux pas, I give my opinion, but at the end of the day it's your call on what to take or leave from this list, it's just all good to know right?

Too many throw pillows on a bed.
-I feel it depends of the style of the home, if your style is clean and simplistic then any more than 5 decorative pillows on a bed is probably not the best route to go.

A TV above the mantel.
-In some homes, the mantel is the only place to place a television. However, if you can avoid this, you should.

Art hung too high.
-Art for the most part should always be hung at eye level.

Curtain hardware hung too low.
-The higher the ceiling, the higher the hardware should go. But make sure your draperies at least brush the ground. Drapery panels should never be more than 3/4" off the floor.

A sofa placed on a diagonal.
-It depends on the space you are dealing with. Sometimes furniture placed on the diagonal can tend to chop up a room.

Pairs of everything—too stiff and contrived.
-This is what I call the "matchy-matchy syndrome". It's always good to be diverse in decorating and it's important not to feel as if everything has to have a matching mate.

Rugs so white, they require shoe removal.
-Okay, this is just annoying people. Unless you're last name is Trump, I suggest you 86 anything on the floor than can dirty easily.

Uncomfortable antique sofas
-Once again, unless you're expecting a visit from The Antiquaries Society, your furniture should be welcoming as well as comfortable. There is nothing worse than going into someone's home as a guest and feeling if you make one wrong move somethings gonna break.

Overdone curtains.
-Window dressing should be functional first, then stylish.

Overly styled bookcases.
-It's called a BOOKcase for a reason. Having more decor than books, probably not a good idea.

Absurd quantities of flowers.
-K.I.S.S.=Keep it simple stupid. Okay, sorry that's a little harsh. But when it comes to flowers, a little goes a long way. Especially fake flowers. Don't get me started on those things.

Scented-candle overload!
-One is plenty folks. If you insist on having more than 1 of these headache causing accessories, make sure it is the same scent. No one wants to smell peppermint delight in a rose garden, okay?

Karate Copped Pillows
-There isn't anything better than giving pillows a good chop every now and then. Some designers feel it's over done, I'm still not over it yet. So therefore in my opinion, chop away!

Styling with branches of coral.
-A couple here and there never hurt anyone, right? But feeling like you just swam into the The Great Barrier Reef, now that's a different story. K.I.S.S.

Bathroom Toilet Rugs
-How do I put this nicely?...Ew! Never stand barefoot on someone's toilet rug, okay? It's obviously there for a reason.

Christmas in July
-You know that one vase you like to use all year around with the etched holly and mistletoe? Ya, well, D.N.E. (Do Not Exceed) past January people.