Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What Were They Thinking?

"She Did It With Her Mind"

"Missing Something?..."

"Nah, Really?"

"Thanks...You Shouldn't Have..."

"Ladies And Gentlemen, The President Of The United States"

"Phew, Good Thing You Told Me"

"Woah, Woah, Woah, Hold On, I Forgot Step #312"

"Damn, Then Where Can I Get Some Water Around Here..."

"Thanks Gary, Back To You In The Studio"

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Line Partners

When it comes to going to theme parks, everyone should expect to stay in line for more than half their visit. Therefore, it is very important to pick a good line partner. A line partner is the stranger who you are going to be stuck in line with for the duration of your wait. So its important to pick and choose who you can tolerate and who you should let pass. I bring to you the 5 L's:

The Loud 1st Timer-This person is loud, they don't seem to get out much. They are laughing way too hard with their friends and don't seem to care who they are annoying. Step away, this person will only cause frustration and could potentially ruin the ride.

The Love Birds-Unless you want to go bird watching, let the love birds fly ahead of you. They can't seem to get enough of each other and unless you brought your barf bag, step away.

The Lady With 5 Kids-Enough said...

The Line Brusher-This person is tricky to spot out. This is the person who brushes right up against you in line and it doesn't seem to bother them. If you happen to find yourself with a line brusher as a line partner, simply give them one hard "noodge" and if that doesn't do the trick, play the sick card. The sick card is violently coughing and throwing in a few head twitches.

The Lookie Lou-If you see someone entering the line, taking there time, camera around neck, speed up and get in front of this person. This person is known to leave gaps in the line, which will cause serious annoyance.

I hope this guide will help you the next time you find yourself in any line. Remember The 5 L's on your next trip and your experience should be a breeze!


I hope everyone took the time to vote today! I feel that you can't complain about anything unless you vote!

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Must See Video: Homecoming Queen

I heard this story on the morning news this morning, and my mom and I both had tears in our eyes and smiles in our hearts. It's so great to see a story like this, and it should remind everyone that beauty is something that comes from within. Being someone bitter about not winning the title of Homecoming Queen (I swear it was rigged), I think that people need to look beyond looks and popularity and notice the not always noticeable people.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Must See: Oprah, Tuesday, Be There!

I think Tuesdays Oprah is a must see. Oprah and Lisa Ling go behind the scenes and inform you on how people treat the animals you eat. I have told a few people about this upcoming show and they all say the same thing, "I can't watch that". And that is understandable, ignorance is bliss. However,"being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn". Thanks Benjamin Franklin for the great quote. I hope you will all take time out to watch Oprah, and if you do, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Missing Any Mail?

DETROIT — In a case that echoes a Seinfeld episode, a former postal worker has been charged with stealing thousands of pieces of mail that authorities say she had kept in a storage unit northwest of Detroit.
Federal investigators say they've recovered more than 9,000 pieces of mail from a storage unit in Fowlerville. Authorities allege that Jill Hull admitted storing the mail because she couldn't deliver it on time. Some mail has postmarks from 2005.
Hull worked for the Postal Service in the Howell area for 3 1/2 years. She quit in August, about three weeks before the mail was discovered.
A phone number listed for Hull was disconnected.
In a 1996 Seinfeld episode, Newman (Wayne Knight) stored mail in Jerry Seinfeld's storage unit instead of delivering it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Attention Californians: Vote YES! On Prop 2

This November 4, Californians should vote YES! on Prop 2 – a modest measure that stops cruel and inhumane treatment of animals, ending the practice of cramming farm animals into cages so small the animals can't even turn around, lie down or extend their limbs.
Voting YES! on Prop 2...
Prevents cruelty to animals.
It’s simply wrong to confine veal calves, breeding pigs, and egg-laying hens in tiny cages barely larger than their bodies. Calves are tethered by the neck and can barely move, pigs in severe confinement bite the metal bars of their crates, and hens get trapped and even impaled in their wire cages. We wouldn’t force our pets to live in filthy, cramped cages for their whole lives, and we shouldn’t force farm animals to endure such misery. All animals, including those raised for food, deserve humane treatment.

Improves our health and food safety.
We all witnessed the cruel treatment of sick and crippled cows exposed by a Southern California slaughter plant investigation this year, prompting authorities to pull meat off school menus and initiate a nationwide recall. Factory farms put our health at risk—cramming tens of thousands of animals into tiny cages, fostering the spread of diseases that may affect people. YES! on Prop 2 is better for animals—and for us.

Supports family farmers.
California family farmers support YES! on Prop 2 because they know that better farming practices enhance food quality and safety. Increasingly, they’re supplying major retailers like Safeway and Burger King. Factory farms cut corners and drive family farmers out of business when they put profits ahead of animal welfare and our health.

Protects air and water and safeguards the environment.
The American Public Health Association has called for a moratorium on new factory farms because of the devastating effects these operations can have on surrounding communities, spreading untreated waste on the ground and contaminating our waterways, lakes, groundwater, soil, and air. Prop 2 helps stop some of the worst abuses and protects our precious natural resources. That’s why California Clean Water Action and Sierra Club-California support YES! on Prop 2.

Is a reasonable and common-sense reform.
Prop 2 provides ample time—until 2015—for factory farms using these severe confinement methods to shift to more humane practices. Arizona, Colorado, Florida, and Oregon have passed similar laws. The Humane Society of the United States, the ASPCA, hundreds of California veterinarians, including the California Veterinary Medical Association; California family farmers; the Center for Food Safety, the Consumer Federation of America, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the United Farm Workers, and the Cesar Chavez Foundation; Republican and Democratic elected officials; California religious leaders; and many others.

How would you like to be caged all day and mistreated? Would you treat your house pets with such cruelty? I didn't think so, Vote Yes On Prop 2.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Good Deed For The Day

So many charities, so little time. Want to donate, but feel overwhelmed in making the decision of where or what to donate to? I choose a couple that may be of interest to you and included a little description from each from their websites. Have another charity in mind? Check out, which evaluates over 5,300 charities and their financial health.

The Humane Society of the United States is the nation's largest and most effective animal protection organization—backed by 10 million Americans, or one in every 30. Established in 1954, The HSUS seeks a humane and sustainable world for all animals—a world that will also benefit people. We are America's mainstream force against cruelty, exploitation and neglect, as well as the most trusted voice extolling the human-animal bond.

Our mission statement: Celebrating Animals, Confronting Cruelty.

We work to reduce suffering and to create meaningful social change for animals by advocating for sensible public policies, investigating cruelty and working to enforce existing laws, educating the public about animal issues, joining with corporations on behalf of animal-friendly policies, and conducting hands-on programs that make ours a more humane world. We are the lead disaster relief agency for animals, and we provide direct care for thousands of animals at our sanctuaries and rescue facilities, wildlife rehabilitation centers, and mobile veterinary clinics.

We celebrate pets, as well as wildlife and habitat protection. We are the nation's most important advocate for local humane societies, providing shelter standards and evaluations, training programs, direct support, and national conferences. We are building a Humane Wildlife Services program to provide homeowners and businesses with humane and effective solutions to conflicts with our wild neighbors. The HSUS publishes All Animals, a membership magazine, and Animal Sheltering, a bi-monthly magazine for animal sheltering professionals.

We confront national and global cruelties through major campaigns targeting the barbaric practices of dogfighting and cockfighting; abusive puppy mills where dogs are treated not like family but like production machines; the worst cruelties of factory farming in modern agribusiness such as confinement of animals in crates and cages; inhumane and unsporting hunting practices such as "canned hunts" of captive exotic animals; the slaughter of American horses for export to foreign countries where horsemeat is considered a delicacy; and the clubbing of baby seals and other animals for the commercial fur trade. Our track record of effectiveness has led to meaningful victories for animals in Congress, state legislatures, courtrooms and corporate boardrooms.

We stand together and unite our voices to raise public awareness and mobilize a massive response to the atrocities in Sudan's western region of Darfur.
Responding to a rebellion in 2003, the regime of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and its allied militia, known as the Janjaweed, launched a campaign of destruction against the civilian population of ethnic groups identified with the rebels. They wiped out entire villages, destroyed food and water supplies, stole livestock and systematically murdered, tortured and raped civilians. The Sudanese government's genocidal, scorched earth campaign has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives through direct violence, disease and starvation, and continues to destabilize the region. Millions have fled their homes and live in dangerous camps in Darfur, and hundreds of thousands are refugees in neighboring Chad. Violence continues today. Ultimately, the fate of the Darfuri people depends on establishing a lasting and just peace in all of Sudan and in the region.
We are committed to the goals that the Save Darfur Coalition advocates for, including:
Ending the violence against civilians;
Facilitating adequate and unhindered humanitarian aid;
Establishing conditions for the safe and voluntary return of displaced people to their homes;
Promoting the long-term sustainable development of Darfur; and
Holding the perpetrators accountable.
We call on the United States, other governments, the United Nations and regional organizations to focus their efforts on ending this crisis.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh So Privileged!

New fav this season? Privileged on the CW. I have never been a fan of the CW, it's always the same teen drama BS, however I watched the series premier of Privileged last night with Reba's Joanna Garcia and I was really impressed. Good story line, great characters! Anyone else watch it? Take a click on the picture to find out more!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's Baaaaack....

Yes, I am talking about football. The season I have dreaded for a few months now. I don't think it would be as bad if it wasn't taking over my life! Everywhere I go, football. Everything anyone talks about, football. The one thing that keeps me from hanging out with my darling boyfriend on Sundays, football. HELP! If it wasn't so damn complicated, maybe I could sit down and actually try to follow it. Just when I think I understand what a blitz is, someone's gotta break it to me that there are many kinds of this thing they refer to as a blitz. Well $%#@, Blitz This! (holding up middle finger). I am however, going to give it a fair shot this season. I'll keep you posted.

Now I'd like this time to say a prayer.

Dear God,

Please help me with the things I cannot control such as football rage and please give me an understanding for this thing called a blitz. On Sundays God, please give me the strength to hold back my angry words towards my boyfriend when he tells me that he doesn't want to go to breakfast because footballs on, please give me a better opportunity such as...I Thanks, God, you're the man.

In J.C.'s name,

Monday, September 8, 2008

WooHoo!, She Didn't Do It Again

It's so good to see Ms. Britney back in the game. Last night at the VMAs she looked great and back to the old Britney we all know and love.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Video Of The Month. Love it!

Why is this the cutest/funniest moment ever? It's great to see something like this when things have been so serious with all the political campaigning. I think Palin will make a great impression as Vice President, she's real and comes across as just a typical American. And what a cute family!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Say...iPhone! (Click)

This is my favorite story of the week. I don't know why, I just love this story. I copied this following article, compliments of Yahoo!:

HONG KONG-Who is the "iPhone girl"?

Pictures of an Asian factory worker found on a new iPhone sold to a British customer have generated keen discussion on the Internet about her identity — and her fate.

The three pictures, posted on the Apple discussion Web site, show a young Asian woman working on what appears to be an assembly line for iPhones.

Dressed in a pink striped outfit and hat and wearing white gloves with yellow fingertips, the young woman now known on the Web as the "iPhone Girl" is shown smiling and making victory signs as she poses next to an iPhone.

The user who posted the photos last week, identified as only "markm49uk" from Kingston-upon-Hull, England, said in a posting that one of the pictures showed up on a new 3G iPhone when the iTunes program was launched.

News reports say the woman may work at a factory run by an Apple contractor, Taiwan-based Foxconn Technology Group, in the southern Chinese boomtown of Shenzhen.

Calls to Foxconn spokesman Edmund Ding went unanswered Wednesday. Ding also didn't immediately respond to an e-mail from The Associated Press seeking comment.

But the South China Morning Post on Wednesday quoted another Foxconn spokesman, Liu Kun, as confirming that the young woman in the pictures works for Foxconn.

Liu said workers testing the device took the pictures and may have forgotten to delete them, the Post reported.

Dubbing the mystery worker "China's prettiest factory girl," China's Southern Metropolitan Daily on Tuesday quoted an unidentified Foxconn official as saying the woman was not fired.

Apple publicist Jill Tan said the company had no comment.

I think this just goes to show that there are real people behind those electronics we buy. I think this girl is so cute, and she should be praised for sending a great message out there to Apple buyers, "Mac workers are happy and love their jobs". I hope to see this in future marketing for Apple, its actually a great concept. Thanks markm49uk!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Whatta Great Book!

I just finished Hissy Fit, by author Mary Kay Andrews. Whatta great book. I have self diagnosed myself with A.D.R.D. (Attention Deficit Reading Disorder), so it is vary rare that I finish anything with more than 100 pages. Kathy Hogan a.k.a. Mary Kay Andrews (her alter-ego), is a great writer. My next book, Savannah Breeze, I'll keep you posted.

The night before her wedding, in the middle of an oh-so-smart rehearsal dinner, interior decorator Keeley Murdock chances upon her fiancé and her maid of honor "doing the deed." Keeley pitches the hissy fit of the century, storms out and earns herself instant notoriety in her tiny hometown of Madison, GA.

It's a good read folks!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Something To Sip On

"Basically, I'm for anything that gets you through the night - be it prayer, tranquilizers or a bottle of Jack Daniels" -Frank Sinatra

It's Been Too Long

Well I can honestly say, it has been too damn long. I would like to first and foremost apologize for any disappointments my absence has caused. But foreword and onward with the bloggin' right? Let's see, what has been going on in my little world? I have recently returned from a blissful stay in Sunriver, Oregon. For those of you not familiar with the town, I'll walk you through it. It is a quaint little tourist town, 20 minutes outside of Bend full of not only life but, my lord, trees! I don't believe I have ever seen so many trees in my life combined. I felt the oxygen going through my brain like a car on the autobahn. And the stars, I don't think words could describe how many stars I saw at night. It was as if God took a paintbrush and just started splattering the sky. Did you know there are more stars in the sky than there are grains of sand in this world? Yes, that many. Yet I also learned that space is so huge that you do not see stars while up there, because they are far and few between. However, I think I may need to double check my sources, considering that the people of Oregon look like they haven't turned down a good time since the 1970s, if you catch my drift. I'll keep you posted. Besides the beautiful scenery, I had many first, including white water rafting and horseback riding. Two words for ya'll...sore-ass. Those rapids were ruthless, not to mention Rushmore. He was my trusty horse. But boy, could he eat, and from what I could smell the grass wasn't agreeing with him. Silly Rushmore. Overall it was a great trip, full of laughter, nature and all around good times. Thanks Oregon!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Quote To Start The Week

"There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way."-Christopher Morley, American Novelist & Poet

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thee Best Concert

(Above: Not an actual Kenny Chesney event photo, yet funny)
From my previous blog, as you know, Kenny Chesney was in concert at Staples Center last night. It was a great show! Never disappointing. Opening for him, LeAnn Rimes, who was very good. Her voice is so smooth and has true talent. I was a little skeptical beforehand, but I realized she has had a good amount of hits, and she sang them all. My very first country CD was "Blue", which you bet your ass I busted out yesterday before the concert. If only I could hit those notes. Damn. Special guest, Uncle Kracker, and another Detroit native Kid Rock. Who I believe were both heavily intoxicated, niiice...Kenny is a very talented performer and will be rockin' cities for years to come. As long as he's rockin', I'll be there. Very good lineup. KENNY ROCKS! See ya next year!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Who Rocks It & Who Should Dock It

Let's talk concerts. Let's talk country concerts. So who is hot, and who is not. I have had my share of country concerts. So I would like to take this time to tell you who's worth a ticket and who's not. We all know Mr. Kenny Chesney is making his annual Southern California stop for his Poets & Pirates tour, and I couldn't be more thrilled. This will be my 4th time making the trip to see Kenny, and he delivers every time. Kenny is the best performer out there and his shows are rockin'. Rock n roll country vibe meets party in the islands. It's a go see. Touring with him this year is LeAnn Rimes, which concerns me, can step up to the plate? We shall see tomorrow night. Last years tour team consisted of Carrie Underwood and Dierks Bentley. Carrie, ok. Dierks, good. Let's talk Brad Paisley. 2nd greatest performer in country music. Also, always comes equipped with a bangin' outfit, love the sweatshirts and boots Brad. He is also a very talented song writer, which you don't see too often nowadays. Last year with Brad was, Jack Ingram, Taylor Swift and Ms. Kelly Pickler. Good show. Jack Ingram is a great talent that deserves to be a headliner in my opinion, clever, witty and bad ass. Taylor Swift is another super talented song writer and enjoyable to watch on stage. Kelly Pickler, nice girl, good voice, cute hair. Let's talk Keith Urban. His concert was rockin', a lot of fluesies at his show though, ladies, keep an eye on the boyfriend at this one. Keith was great workin' the audience and getting the crowd involved. Note to self, likes to pull random fans on stage, be prepared. Miranda Lambert, saw this young talent at the House Of Blues and she is awesome. It was a small, intimate venue and it was great. She is a raw and edgy song writer and a good performer. Special guest that night was none other than her b.f. Mr. Blake Shelton. He is a good singer and has a good line-up. The first time I saw him was with Rascal Flatts, who are a smooth 3-some. The only problem I have with the Flatts is that they sometimes get a little carried away in singing other peoples songs instead of their own, still worth the ticket though. Get your comfy shoes on for this next performer, Toby Keith. You won't sit down, Im tellin' you, you stand the whole time. He plays up beat songs, most of his own and rocks the house. Nice job Toby. Sugarland. Ever since they dumped the awkward 3rd chick they've been hot. Love Jennifer Nettles boots, they are a really good two-some on stage. Sara Evans, girlie can sang! However, 1 more hour of her and I might be makin' another beer run. Joe Nichols, good songs, needs to work the crowd a little more. Josh Turner, deep voice, makes me wonder how one can sing so low, good live voice though. And being good live is so important, because there is nothing worse than looking forward to seeing your favorite star and then realizing they sound nothing like they do on their albums. Speaking of which, Deanna Carter, was kinda a snoozer. The Wreckers are cool, especially when Michelle Branch told a security guard off, nice work Branch. Gary Allan is a good singer, however sounds different in concert. His songs can kinda get you a little depressed though after awhile, however I don't blame the guy, besides his career, he has had a rough life. Last but certainly not least, Garth Brooks. Wow, what a comeback! Garth can rock it. Tickets were only $35 and the best $35 spent. Saw him 2 shows in a row when he came t L.A., I was exhausted and I couldn't imagine how he felt. He was great, solid voice, good energy. I have yet to see, Tim and Faith, but from what I hear, they are pretty good. Alan Jackson, and Mr. Straight are next to see, I'll keep you posted on that one. Now get the shit-kickers out and I'll see you at will call!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sports+Men=Annoyed Girlfriends

Let's talk sports. Or let's not. Let's talk about why men like sports so much and why when they are watching sports they all of a sudden loose the ability to hear. Well, they can hear the TV okay, but anything beyond that, forget about it. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy the last 2 minutes in a basketball game. Or the last 30 seconds of a football game. However, you won't find me on the edge of my seat screaming and/or clapping at the TV thinking that the ref who totally blew that call can hear me. Men, however, like to tune in 30 minutes before the game, and 30 minutes after the game. Oh, ya. Watching recaps of the entire game that they just watched is very necessary. I mean, who knows, maybe they missed something that one time they got up to get a cold one out of the fridge. And don't get me started on Sports Center, the hot place to be after the game. Forget Little Niro's Pizza Palace, it's all about the "Dun Na Na, Dun Na Na", that intro sound will forever haunt me. It's a reminder that sports will always be a man's first love, and secondly, if she's lucky, his mom's chicken casserole. 

This video, is pretty funny, compliments of Sports Center, once in a great while they will actually do something funny like this. Check out the video, number 8 is great. Hey Chuck, hows the gambling debt coming along?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Thee Best Vacation

Last summer I was fortunate to take a 10 day trip to thee beautiful Caribbean islands via Royal Caribbean. It was so surreal, and unbelievably beautiful, I could have stayed there all year and never once been ready to leave. Although the islands are not far from the United States, it felt like a completely different world. A world where time didn't seem to matter and a world where people didn't know any other way to be than friendly. During this 10 day trip from reality, we visited 6 places. First stop was Puerto Rico, a nice place, especially the pool bar at our hotel, but thats a whole other blog entry in itself.  Then off to Barbados, which was not what I was expecting. The weather was overcast and it wasn't the most complimenting weather to the supposedly beautiful island. St. Lucia, Antigua, and St. Thomas came after that. All beautiful in there own ways. The islands seemed to get better and better each day. Then, the self proclaimed friendly island,  St. Maarten, oh St. Maarten, defiantly my favorite. Just an all around great place. Nice people, great beaches, good food, the works. Speaking of food, I gained 7 pounds throughout this whole vacation. But hey, you can't put a limit on fun. My favorite souvenir came from St. Maarten, it's an old turquoise license plate that says "St. Maarten, The Friendly Island", I have it hanging on my bathroom wall of all places. On these island you got a good balance of the local vibe as well as the tourist vibe. Best of both worlds. It was so nice to get away and be in travel mode for 10 days, something I could get used to. Wearing wrinkled traveling clothes is the best feeling ever! For me it symbolizes a carefree vacation from your mind, and anything else ailing you and I love it!  But day 10 came sooner that later and it was time to go home to jobs, school and life. Now this is where the story goes from peaceful vacation to super annoying airlines. Let me walk you through it. Let's just say the little joke about Delta standing for "Doesn't Ever Leave The Airport", couldn't of been truer. Delta was kind enough to leave us on their plane for 4 hours while they serviced a broken engine. After the first 30 minutes I thought to myself, okay, any problem regarding an engine on a plane that is taking more than 30 minutes should not be transporting passengers. Then an hour goes by. Thinking to myself, okay, why are they starting a movie? 2 hours later, okay, movie is almost over, problem still not solved. Hmmm, I want off this plane! And the thing that irritated me the most, is people were calm and relaxed. Is it just me?, the inexperienced traveler? Or was I believe it or not the one and only sane person on that plane? FINALLY, news comes in from the captain, or pilot, or plane operator, whatever they're called. "Due to a broken down engine flight number 1234 will not be traveling to Atlanta, Georgia. Sorry for the delay folks". Sorry for the delay? I can never get those 4 hours back, you're gonna be sorry for the delay lady. So we stay another night in Puerto Rico, but before we make it too far we realize a $1200 bottle of alcohol bought in St. Thomas was broken complements of... once again, Delta airlines. I'll never forget the smell overwhelming the baggage claim that night. Thanks Delta!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Thee Best Music

Country music is my pick for the best damn music. In about three minutes, a country song can take you from feeling empty to something again, it can make you miss that certain someone and then make you wanna go out on the town all in the same damn song. It's the most diverse canvas in music today, it's the heart and soul that goes into country music that makes you either wanna take a Louisville slugger to that cheating boyfriends headlights or remind you not to blink because life comes at you fast. It has it all. Country music has substance and it's a hell of a lot better then the touch my body rap crap (not saying that I don't enjoy that music every now and again). If I had the voice, you bet your ass I would be a country music singer, but unfortunately, God decided not to bless me with such talent. It doesn't stop me from rocking out in the car though. Speaking of which, I really should get those windows tinted. 

Let's get bloggin'!

Hi everyone, first of all I would like to thank you for visiting my blog. I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas with you all, and I hope you share yours as well. So let's get bloggin'!