Sunday, May 18, 2008

Thee Best Music

Country music is my pick for the best damn music. In about three minutes, a country song can take you from feeling empty to something again, it can make you miss that certain someone and then make you wanna go out on the town all in the same damn song. It's the most diverse canvas in music today, it's the heart and soul that goes into country music that makes you either wanna take a Louisville slugger to that cheating boyfriends headlights or remind you not to blink because life comes at you fast. It has it all. Country music has substance and it's a hell of a lot better then the touch my body rap crap (not saying that I don't enjoy that music every now and again). If I had the voice, you bet your ass I would be a country music singer, but unfortunately, God decided not to bless me with such talent. It doesn't stop me from rocking out in the car though. Speaking of which, I really should get those windows tinted. 

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Pam said...

Hope this gets though. Country is not really the same as "country" used to be. I mean, how long could you listen to Merel Haggard. UGH! Rock'n'Roll took over Country music. I agree. Hip-Hop, for the most part, can hop it's self right into the trash. No message, no morals, no respect.