Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Who Rocks It & Who Should Dock It

Let's talk concerts. Let's talk country concerts. So who is hot, and who is not. I have had my share of country concerts. So I would like to take this time to tell you who's worth a ticket and who's not. We all know Mr. Kenny Chesney is making his annual Southern California stop for his Poets & Pirates tour, and I couldn't be more thrilled. This will be my 4th time making the trip to see Kenny, and he delivers every time. Kenny is the best performer out there and his shows are rockin'. Rock n roll country vibe meets party in the islands. It's a go see. Touring with him this year is LeAnn Rimes, which concerns me, can step up to the plate? We shall see tomorrow night. Last years tour team consisted of Carrie Underwood and Dierks Bentley. Carrie, ok. Dierks, good. Let's talk Brad Paisley. 2nd greatest performer in country music. Also, always comes equipped with a bangin' outfit, love the sweatshirts and boots Brad. He is also a very talented song writer, which you don't see too often nowadays. Last year with Brad was, Jack Ingram, Taylor Swift and Ms. Kelly Pickler. Good show. Jack Ingram is a great talent that deserves to be a headliner in my opinion, clever, witty and bad ass. Taylor Swift is another super talented song writer and enjoyable to watch on stage. Kelly Pickler, nice girl, good voice, cute hair. Let's talk Keith Urban. His concert was rockin', a lot of fluesies at his show though, ladies, keep an eye on the boyfriend at this one. Keith was great workin' the audience and getting the crowd involved. Note to self, likes to pull random fans on stage, be prepared. Miranda Lambert, saw this young talent at the House Of Blues and she is awesome. It was a small, intimate venue and it was great. She is a raw and edgy song writer and a good performer. Special guest that night was none other than her b.f. Mr. Blake Shelton. He is a good singer and has a good line-up. The first time I saw him was with Rascal Flatts, who are a smooth 3-some. The only problem I have with the Flatts is that they sometimes get a little carried away in singing other peoples songs instead of their own, still worth the ticket though. Get your comfy shoes on for this next performer, Toby Keith. You won't sit down, Im tellin' you, you stand the whole time. He plays up beat songs, most of his own and rocks the house. Nice job Toby. Sugarland. Ever since they dumped the awkward 3rd chick they've been hot. Love Jennifer Nettles boots, they are a really good two-some on stage. Sara Evans, girlie can sang! However, 1 more hour of her and I might be makin' another beer run. Joe Nichols, good songs, needs to work the crowd a little more. Josh Turner, deep voice, makes me wonder how one can sing so low, good live voice though. And being good live is so important, because there is nothing worse than looking forward to seeing your favorite star and then realizing they sound nothing like they do on their albums. Speaking of which, Deanna Carter, was kinda a snoozer. The Wreckers are cool, especially when Michelle Branch told a security guard off, nice work Branch. Gary Allan is a good singer, however sounds different in concert. His songs can kinda get you a little depressed though after awhile, however I don't blame the guy, besides his career, he has had a rough life. Last but certainly not least, Garth Brooks. Wow, what a comeback! Garth can rock it. Tickets were only $35 and the best $35 spent. Saw him 2 shows in a row when he came t L.A., I was exhausted and I couldn't imagine how he felt. He was great, solid voice, good energy. I have yet to see, Tim and Faith, but from what I hear, they are pretty good. Alan Jackson, and Mr. Straight are next to see, I'll keep you posted on that one. Now get the shit-kickers out and I'll see you at will call!

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