Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thee Best Concert

(Above: Not an actual Kenny Chesney event photo, yet funny)
From my previous blog, as you know, Kenny Chesney was in concert at Staples Center last night. It was a great show! Never disappointing. Opening for him, LeAnn Rimes, who was very good. Her voice is so smooth and has true talent. I was a little skeptical beforehand, but I realized she has had a good amount of hits, and she sang them all. My very first country CD was "Blue", which you bet your ass I busted out yesterday before the concert. If only I could hit those notes. Damn. Special guest, Uncle Kracker, and another Detroit native Kid Rock. Who I believe were both heavily intoxicated, niiice...Kenny is a very talented performer and will be rockin' cities for years to come. As long as he's rockin', I'll be there. Very good lineup. KENNY ROCKS! See ya next year!

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