Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sports+Men=Annoyed Girlfriends

Let's talk sports. Or let's not. Let's talk about why men like sports so much and why when they are watching sports they all of a sudden loose the ability to hear. Well, they can hear the TV okay, but anything beyond that, forget about it. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy the last 2 minutes in a basketball game. Or the last 30 seconds of a football game. However, you won't find me on the edge of my seat screaming and/or clapping at the TV thinking that the ref who totally blew that call can hear me. Men, however, like to tune in 30 minutes before the game, and 30 minutes after the game. Oh, ya. Watching recaps of the entire game that they just watched is very necessary. I mean, who knows, maybe they missed something that one time they got up to get a cold one out of the fridge. And don't get me started on Sports Center, the hot place to be after the game. Forget Little Niro's Pizza Palace, it's all about the "Dun Na Na, Dun Na Na", that intro sound will forever haunt me. It's a reminder that sports will always be a man's first love, and secondly, if she's lucky, his mom's chicken casserole. 

This video, is pretty funny, compliments of Sports Center, once in a great while they will actually do something funny like this. Check out the video, number 8 is great. Hey Chuck, hows the gambling debt coming along?


Pam said...

Very good writing. Funny and ironic.Only fun I've ever had with sports has been when I rooted for team that my husband hated. Seeing his favorite team lose gave me enormous pleasure. You can sure tell how this relationship ended.

P.J. Sims said...

So true! My goodness, very well put. I hate sports, but my husband is a fanatic.