Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's Playing On Your iPod?

I wish I could say the reason I have had a leave of absence from blogging was something intriguing such as I have been traveling the world in search of new medicines or helping the homeless go from home-less to home-owners. But I can't. The truth is, I was on a 4 month African safari, got stranded and saved myself and 24 others. Ya, well, thats a lie too. The only thing that matters is I'm back right? So what have I really been up to you ask? Well, still working the same dead end job, being addicted to Red Bulls and Starbucks (Grande, Ice, Carmel Macchiato, Upside Down With Soy Please!) and getting excited for a weekend trip to San Francisco. Finally, a weekend to get away and just be. In preparation for this trip to San Fran I have accumulated a playlist to keep my mind occupied for the plane flight. The playlist includes:

You Make My Dreams Come True-Hall & Oates
-Just an all around feel good song, makes you wanna bob that head and dance like a dork for some reason.

Benny & The Jets-Elton John
-Oh Elton, what do your lyrics mean my friend? Who is Benny and who are the Jets? Benny sounds like a great guy.

Sweet Thing-Keith Urban
"The moon is high and the night is young come and meet me in the backyard under the cottonwood tree..."

Is This Love-Bob Marley
Mr. Reggae himself.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered-Stevie Wonder
Gotta have Stevie on the playlist and this ones a classic.

Here Comes The Sun-The Beatles
Another feel good song, because thats what this trip is gonna be all about, just feelin' good!

I find that my iPod is a melting pot of all genres and eras. So now I ask, what's on your iPod?


The Silver Dog said...

On my Ipod

The Spill Canvas
We The Kings

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